Minimal meets Free People-Inspired Engagement in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin

Updated: May 2

Spring Green, Wisconsin / JESSICA + NICHOLAS

Jesse + Nick were a couple that I instantly connected with, as we all went to high school together. Their outdoor engagement session in small-town Wisconsin felt like hanging with two old friends – and we bonded over updating our lives for the past 7 years. It was such a perfect day, and I am majorly counting down until their wedding day in July! I knew it was going to be a good one, but it truly exceeded all expectations. J + N are both Wisconsin natives and recently moved in together to Madison after spending a few years through school, and wanted to incorporate both their midwestern roots + their love of the river valley bluffs vibes into their session.

The valley was the perfect location for their day – mixing in their history together in their hometown with lushes greens and rolling hills. Jesse was grew up feet from this valley, which made it even more of a perfect spot. Oddly enough, the smoke from the wildfire in Canada created a glass smoke haze which enhanced the gorgeous summer colors that night. Their outfits were beautiful and inspired by pieces from Free People, but more importantly – this evening was FUN. From start to finish, Jesse + Nick were the most laid-back and their outlook allowed them to be so present during their session. Anytime I looked at them, they were laughing or smiling and it was infectious to be around! I couldn’t help but to instantly pick straight-out-of-camera photos to send to Jesse to show her mom + sisters right after the session.

Jesse + Nick, your engagement session was amazing, and I am dreaming of how perfect your wedding is going to be in northern Wisconsin this summer. I love you guys SO freaking much! So grateful for you. <3

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